Thursday, 16 March 2017

Our Eyes Meet

It was a calm night, when I was sitting right next to you. There was no sound but the strain produced from your guitar; the strain went around the room, accompanying us two who were waiting for the project file rendering on laptop to be finished.

"Virtually, acoustic music is calming, right?" My mouth began to talk to you after plenty minutes I had been spending by watching your fingers dancing on the guitar strings—really focusing only on your fingers.

But, even though my eyes were directed to the movement of your guitar strumming, I could still acknowledge another movements that you did. You turned your head a bit to see me talking. Your eyes were looking right into mine. That's one of things I love about you: you look at people in the eyes, not in another parts of the face.

During that couple of seconds, I guess I enjoyed that precious moment. But something I didn't know had managed to make me turn my eyes to see him while I continued my words.

That's the time our eyes met again.
In a close range.
Side by side.

"...But I've never felt sleepy when I watch people play acoustic guitar." I continued.

Then, in a couple of seconds as well, like in a slow motion, he took back his eyes and looked at the laptop screen.

Ah... You never have intention to let our eyes meet for a bit longer unless you get mad at me, don't you...? I have been wandering why you do it, yet I am now feeling such a happiness knowing that you apparently look at me often—at least my feeling says so.

That calming night has gotten me a bit more sure about your feeling towards me. You were playing guitar, and you were looking into my eyes. Those two are quite enough to relax my active brain and heart.

Guitar strain and our eyes meet.

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