Thursday, 23 March 2017

Do You Ever Miss Me?

Hi, Crush. Long time no hearing about you. How have you been last two days? I cannot believe that I could survive living the days without communicating with you.

And, as usual, the biggest question that has appeared on my mind is, don't you miss me? Because I do miss you, much much more than I miss my chocolate which I forgot where I did put it.

I saw your activities for times on instagram. Why don't you text me? I know that it's always me the one who texts first, but I postponed doing it since you said that you were out of data. Now, it looks like you have topped up your data, yet you stay still not giving me any notification about that. Or at least, why didn't you give a bit love to my posts to indirectly tell me that you are now online.

Ah... Now you get me some negative assumptions. You don't want me to text you, you don't want to have another unimportant chats that you had been doing with me with long teeth, and you don't want to make me dream about the happy days with you anymore.

Do you know how much I hold myself not to text you first to see if you care enough to look for me? And do you know how much longing I feel in every second I live while wandering about you?

For everything's sake, I solemnly swear that I really want to open my Line, search for the chat dialogue with your name on it, then send a "peek-a-boo" sticker to you. But one thing irritating called "doubt" has been forbidding me to do that; it whispers some words like "Let him miss you."

That is weird.

Because... One of things that has been taking over almost all parts of my brain is the question:

Do you ever miss me?

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