Wednesday, 15 February 2017

One Day

One day, I will take pictures of me and my boyfriend. Both selfies and taken by others, I will take pictures of us.

Both of us.
Me and my boyfriend.

Not boy-friend, but boyfriend.

Someone who doesn't refuse to take selfies of us and looks at the camera sincerely even though he's not a type of guy who likes to take selfies. Someone whose pictures of us will not cause any trouble when we share them to the world. Someone who will not feel ashamed to post our pictures on his social media that he is excited of doing that.

Someone who feels proud of our relationship and lets people know that we fall into each other.

One day, I will have one guy like that.

P.S.: This boy always refuses to take selfies with me. -_-

Friday, 3 February 2017

Person on the Phone

It was drizzling that midnight, yet a girl and her friends didn't look chilled at all. They were having a long conversation while sitting in a living room.

That girl, that happy faced girl, talking to her friends, was also on the phone with someone else at the other end. Her earphone was plugged, but she didn’t seem talk much to the person on the phone.

“What are you singing to?” asked the girl to the person on the phone. She went silent, then continued talking to her friends after getting no response from the other end.

“Hei,” Again, the girl talked to the person on the phone. She went silent again, then talking back to her friends after getting no response for times.

The girl kept saying those two phrases to the person on the phone, and kept given ignorance as well. Yet, she didn’t look dejected at all.

Because she knew, she was feeling such a great happiness that night.

She was being with her friends.
Going with them was quite amusing.

She met with her idol.
It felt like a mercy thing in a few centuries.

She was getting a call from that person on the phone.
This thing completed her cheeriness that night.

That person on the phone thoroughly ignoring her, but didn’t seem to end the call. That person was busy with the guitar, singing as if there was nobody listening. That was what made her feel like she was the happiest person on earth that midnight.

To her, the melody from the guitar played by that person on the phone sounds like words that spoken by Romy Rafael. Relaxing, hypnotizing.

She has been addicted to the guitar sound and that person’s voice.
It has always been making her passionate to have a call with that person on the phone.

For that adore, she has quoted her feeling into words:
“If you don’t want to talk, please play your guitar instead.”