Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Unforeseen Strength

That was dark. Very dark fettle.
I wasn't able to get standing on my own foot, or even my with my consciousness.
There were no peps to be rigged out, neither my brain nor my soul.

But then I felt a light came across my vision.
Dangled like a tail, bunch of strength streaked to my bosom.
Splinters the mirk gloom till it became a vivid glow.

I felt like some fingers were holding mine.
Soft ones, clement ones.
Pulse of life was precisely transferred.

I could catch a line of smile, too, that was short in time, but long in savor.
An overpower smile which was never discarded by my memory.
Which I hadn't been beheld protractedly.

And I  last.
Hereupon, thereupon.

That strength...
That unforeseen strength...
... has gotten me alive.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

He Doesn't

"He doesn't love you." My friend said to me.
I've been thinking so from the first time.
And now I'm gruffly convincing my brain that he does not.
I'm trying to not giving any shit about this loss any further.
I've already stepped over my limit thinking about such a thing.