Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Unforeseen Strength

That was dark. Very dark fettle.
I wasn't able to get standing on my own foot, or even my with my consciousness.
There were no peps to be rigged out, neither my brain nor my soul.

But then I felt a light came across my vision.
Dangled like a tail, bunch of strength streaked to my bosom.
Splinters the mirk gloom till it became a vivid glow.

I felt like some fingers were holding mine.
Soft ones, clement ones.
Pulse of life was precisely transferred.

I could catch a line of smile, too, that was short in time, but long in savor.
An overpower smile which was never discarded by my memory.
Which I hadn't been beheld protractedly.

And I  last.
Hereupon, thereupon.

That strength...
That unforeseen strength...
... has gotten me alive.

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