Sunday, 29 May 2016

Contenting Photo


It's 0:03 o'clock here. Light rain is pouring my house's roof. And I'm just willing to write something obviously unimportant (though almost all of posts here aren't important either).

I was scrolling down my Facebook home, and I found this one photo of one of my Facebook friends.

Yes, it's Dede.

I see that this photo is so interesting; eye catching, to me. Don't ask me why, because I've got no idea how to give you the answer without any suspicion. But, if you insist to ask, I... don't mind to answer, don't worry.


Let me think first...

Ah, I think I already have some factors popping out of my head.

First, that boy standing behind, Dede, looks handsome in this pic. To me, of course. With his new haircut... Makes him fresh new (the last time I saw him refreshing was when he was still at school and I was still at college, he walked through me with his wet-haired head; he must've had just washed-up his face and head). And the round spectacle, it suits him.
Second, the girl is pretty for the makeup (or maybe she's prettier without the makeup? I don't know).
Third, the angle of this photo is good enough to present the good result to be seen by eyes (ah, what on earth am I talking about)
Fourth, they both look cute together. Like a couple. Tall boy, tanned skin. And standard-sized girl, pale skin. What a coincidence beautiful matched blend (hei, I'm serious, I'm not lying).
Fifth, times after times I'm getting more and more contented to see cute couple like this by their romantic pictures, videos, or so on. Okai, I don't even know if this factor could be included to the list.

What the point is, I like this photo.

Thank you for sharing this, De! I'm saving this photo, no need your permission. Haha.

Don't get me any wrong thought! I've been on different field with him, already, since a very long time.

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